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If you haven’t yet found the perfect business idea, maybe we can help. Starting a grocery delivery business is a great way to begin. You will be your own boss and even closer to realizing the big American Dream. This is because self-employment has become the new mantra to success, especially in these uncertain times. Starting an online grocery delivery business is also lucrative because the basic necessities of human beings are never going to end and to satisfy those they turn to their nearest grocery shops. Got the idea?

Let’s Understand What All You Are Going To Do To Start Your Very Own Grocery Delivery Business

1. Plan Your Business

Creating a business plan will be your first responsibility as an entrepreneur.

  • Ascertain the startup and ongoing costs of your business 
  • Identify your target market 
  • Create a plan to promote your offerings/products to your users 
  • Determine how you are going to charge your customers 
  • What will be the name of your business
  • Determine your annual sales targets

2.  What Are The Costs Involved In Opening A Grocery Delivery Business?

The cost here is going to be relatively lower as compared to other businesses. You will be investing primarily in products that have already been created and will be providing them to your customers. The main investment will be in technology and similar means that will enable your customers to order groceries from you.

3.  What Are The Ongoing Expenses For A Grocery Delivery Business?

Any grocery delivery business will have to bear a few standard ongoing expenses as well such as salaries, insurance, maintenance of equipment, gas and fuel, etc.

4.  Who Is The Target Market?

Identifying your target market will save you time and resources. People, who are unable to drive to the store or are looking for more convenience, will be more likely to shop from your online grocery mobile app.

5.  How Does A Grocery Delivery Business Make Money?

You will be making money on a mark up on the cost of food and other grocery items that you sell. You will also be charging your customers a membership fee in case you plan to get a grocery shopping mobile app created.

6.  How Much Can You Charge Your Customers For a Subscription?

The average annual membership fee trending in the industry is $162 which is calculated based on a medium cost app subscription that may cost the user somewhere between $7 and $20 per month. You can invite your prospects to enroll for a membership to get free delivery, freedom to order large quantities of items and better schemes and offers in return.

7.  How Much Profit Can An Online Grocery Delivery Business Make?

Given that you are functioning in the right neighborhood and have targeted your customers intelligently, you should be able to record more than generous profit margins every year-end. This is because given the right environment and choices, we humans tend to choose convenience over anything else. This is the reason online grocery sales numbers crossed 300% early in the pandemic last year.

8. What Will You Name Your Business?

Naming and branding your business is going to be an important challenge to overcome. Researching for a suitable and unique business name is essential if you want to make your grocery business successful. 

  • Check with your state’s business records 
  • Go through federal and state trademark records and listings 
  • Social media platforms should be a source of inspiration and ideas 
  • Web domain availability should be checked before you decide upon a particular name

9. Legal Structure 

What is your grocery business going to be? It can be a sole proprietorship, a partnership firm, a public limited company, a private limited company, and so on. Do not forget to apply for a federal tax identification number.

10. Get Business Insurance

Business insurance is an absolute must for any kind of enterprise. You might need liability insurance as well for any unexpected events.

11. State & Local Business Licensing Requirements

There are going to be different state and local level business licensing requirements that you will have to fulfill if you want to operate a grocery delivery business.

12. Gather Supplies

Setting up a grocery delivery business is easy because you already have a lot of the much needed supplies. Just keep a cell phone and computer handy so that you can be contacted easily. Add a day planner in the mix to stay organized and keep a track of all your appointments and customers.

13. How To Promote & Market A Grocery Delivery Business?

Given the current situation, it is essential to promote your grocery delivery business in a way that it comes across as a blessing for your customers. The pandemic has been hard upon everyone and your customers are looking for the most convenient way to shop. It is time to welcome technology and integrate it with your grocery delivery business to facilitate on-the-go mobile grocery shopping.

14. Choose Services

Start by making a list of what services you offer. Give your users the liberty to call and ask for a particular service that they don’t see you offering.  

15. Set Your Prices

You can include the cost of transport in your prices. You are at liberty to charge differently if you’re expected and being asked to work on a holiday or outside your usual business hours. Consider offering different package deals to attract customers.

16. How To Keep Customers Coming Back

Deliver products on time, every time. Contracts with your customers should be clear and precise that explain the terms with no ambiguity.

Final Thoughts

When planning to start a grocery business, don’t forget the rising trend of mobile apps. Such platforms and other on the go E-Commerce apps are increasingly being used by everyone to order essential groceries for the house. There was a time it was something only millennials would do. But now these platforms have become more mainstream. Their reach has expanded throughout the world and their utilities are being appreciated across generations. At MagikKart a ready-made app has served a myriad of industries. Our mobile applications and their success stories speak for themselves. Discover how you can be one of those success stories by connecting with us today.