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Thanks to modern technology, getting an eCommerce application for your store is turning into an irreplaceable part of many businesses for reaching the target audience in large numbers. E-commerce solutions have changed how retailers can connect with their customers. There is no more reliability on traditional methods to offer discount deals when you can do it more productively through your online business.

It all becomes possible when you opt for Magikkart- a credible E-Commerce App Solution for your business. Yes, the solution designed to establish your business name in a digital world where you can sell your products every time. It also enhances customer engagement. So, after opting for it, just welcome yourself to the online business world, where there is a huge chance for you to lead the competitive world for long.

Everything you need to know about Magikkart

Don’t consider Magikkart as an app or software. It is a solution to your business needs for high revenues. With its fully personalized mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms, Magikkart helps you take your business or store online to enhance the reach. Through this best business solution, you can get your personalized mobile store that matches your branding.

Let’s take an example- you are a grocery store owner and have customers in large numbers. As no one knew about the lockdown and its impact on businesses, you ought to shut down your store.  However, if you had gone for the best grocery store app, nothing would have changed.

Moreover, Magikkart provides a detailed admin back-end for store managers and store owners to monitor different aspects of your business app, such as adding new products, managing products, and categories, setting prices, providing offers, tracking orders, and dispatches, and creating invoices.

Access to Magikkart: Features and Benefits

After getting your business app, you need to know the advantages and characteristics that Magikkart has provided for your store. 

Features: Mobile Application

  • Exhibit the offers on the home screen
  • Sign up and secured registration using passcode and OTP
  • Categorized products’ display
  • Modern text and voice search to find the products
  • Filter products easily
  • Lists or manage monthly grocery lists
  • Fast orders and products checkout
  • Multiple payment options (COD, credit card, and net banking)
  • Provide feedback on individual orders
  • Referral points on friend’s registration, and more.

Features: Admin Backend

  • Manage your store’s products and categories and multiple stores
  • Manage orders and logistics and products prices 
  • Create and send offers to customers and coupons to customers
  • Manage referral points and payback/reward points
  • Automatic invoice to customers, and more

Features: Logistics

  • A separate application for your logistics or delivery team
  • Easy tracking of orders
  • Manage full delivery chains of all your orders.
  • Pick the shortest path to deliver all the orders efficiently to save time and cost.
  • Easy sign off from the customer using the application.

Magikkart makes you run your business from anywhere and anytime. You don’t need to open your store daily when your online store operates from your home’s comfort.

Availing of these features would encourage you to expand your business as Magikkart provides you the following benefits-

1. Boost Online Presence

With fully customized mobile applications for iOS and Android, it matches your branding.

2. Better Store

Tracking your premium and recurring customers through order management with hierarchical admin back-end 

3. Easy Reach

One can easily connect to customers and smart marketing using push notifications and text messages, well managed from the admin.

4. Order Management

Timely dispatch utilizing customizable time-slots

5. Enhanced Visibility

It increases the presence of business or store with new customers from remote geographical locations

6. Track

Keep an eye on premium and recurring customers.

7. Exciting Offers

Create and send seasonal and festive offers to engage customers.

8. Lead the Competitive World

One can simply mark an edge over competitors.

Therefore, your store has come to your hand, and you don’t need to step outdoors. Everything can be done by just sitting on a couch. If you haven’t got your business app, reach for professional help with On-Demand E-commerce App Development Company, and get your store online. Also, don’t rely on traditional ways in this tough competitive marketing era.

Magikkart is easy to use, and you can reach its developers anytime for any query.