23 Enticing Features To Put In Your On-Demand Delivery App

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Any on-demand delivery app is going to have 3 primary users. The first is going to be the “Consumer”, the second is the “Delivery Team” and the third will be the “Seller”.

  • End-User / Consumer: The end-user or the consumer is the king around which all the features and capabilities of any on-demand delivery app will have to be designed. This is the individual who is going to use the app to buy products and services from the owner.
  • Delivery Team / Logistics Service: The delivery team / logistics service is the connection between the consumer and the seller. These individuals will be responsible for taking the products from the business owner and delivering them to the customer. This is the section of your on-demand delivery app users that will be responsible for the delivery of goods and services to the end consumer, resulting in sales for your business.
  • Owner / Seller: You are the most important user of your on-demand delivery app. Of course, the features in your version are going to differ a lot as compared to those in the above two. You are going to act as the administrator and take care of the entire mobile app platform and also the complete functioning of the promotion and sales cycle of your business.

11 Features Relevant To The End-User / Consumer

  • Easy Sign Up Feature: An easy-breezy signup feature is the first thing your users are going to access when they try to register with your app. This is the first step that is going to enable them to access your products and services.
  • Order Placement: The ability to place an order after selecting the products of their choice is a very important feature of any on-demand delivery app. The user should be able to add products in their shopping cart along with their delivery details and landmark information and the preferred delivery time slot as well.
  • Search Option With Filters: An easy-to-use search window that comes with customizable and numerous filters will be highly appreciated. It will enable customers to find products and services that they are looking for according to their budget and needs.
  • Ability To Schedule Delivery: There is also another very useful feature called the “schedule delivery” which is going to allow users to pick the most preferred time slot for the product to be delivered. It should let them pick a date and even a particular place of their choice for delivery according to their availability.
  • Real-Time Tracking Of Orders: Real-time tracking of orders has to be made available to users. The leading apps such as Amazon and its competitors are making this feature readily available to their users so that they can track the status of their order from anywhere.
  • Push Notifications: Push notifications are a very essential aspect of your on-demand delivery app. They are a way to connect with your users and your customers will find them useful because they get information about discounts and various offers including their payment details and order location.
  • Review And Rating Feature: This window should be very easy to navigate through. Your users should be able to locate the most relevant reviews and ratings of their favorite products and items that they wish to purchase. It should also help them rate their own purchases with absolute ease.
  • Order History: Isn’t it so convenient when you are able to track your previous orders and go through them without any hassle? It becomes so much simpler to reorder a particular order or maybe a few of the items that you had ordered in the past by just going through your order history.
  • Payment Options: Payment options should never be limited to just two or three. Along with cash on delivery, your users look forward to debit card and credit card options as well. Digital wallets and online transfers are also a very popular mode of payment that your users want to use.
  • Geo Location: Geolocation service/feature is one of the best aspects of an on-demand delivery app that can never be ignored. They are exceptionally useful when ordering one’s favorite cuisine or probably looking for a flower delivery service nearby when going out on a date after the lockdown.
  • Fearless & Contactless Delivery: Everybody wants to be safe, especially after the way the events of the previous year have unfolded. Many companies have taken specific and stringent measures to ensure contactless delivery and social distancing even while making products and services available to their end-users. Having a contactless delivery option is going to be the most unique feature of your on-demand delivery app.

5 Features Relevant To The Delivery Team / Logistics App

  • Easy Registration Process: The delivery personnel signing up on your mobile app should be able to get approved quickly and receive delivery orders as soon as possible
  • Order Management: The ability to manage orders and put their deliveries in the order of priority or on a “first come first serve” basis is going to be an important feature.
  • GPS Support: These individuals are going to be delivering packages every day for the most number of waking hours. GPS support is going to prevent them from getting lost in a new city/locality and losing track of their destinations.
  • Order History Management: The delivery team / logistics personnel will be able to track the history of every order they have delivered in the past with this feature.
  • Return And Exchange Details: The ability to exchange information about returns and exchange orders is a very useful feature both for the delivery personnel and the end-user.

7 Features Relevant To The Business Owner / Seller App

  • Content Management: This feature is going to let the owner / admin add useful content and descriptions of products and services that they have to offer. They can update the price, delivery slots and availability of the product/service as well.
  • Order Management: This is a feature that allows the admin to access information related to all the orders made by all the customers. Details related to the delivered and cancelled orders as well as customer feedback can be accessed through this feature.
  • Real-Time Tracking Of Orders: Real-time tracking of orders is essential to maintaining timely delivery of every order that has been placed on your app. You can also assess the behavior of your drivers and keep track of the reasons for any order cancellations as well.
  • App Usage Analytics: App usage analytics features are critical for the success of your on-demand delivery apps. This feature is going to be included in the admin dashboard panel and they give you information regarding app usage, the number of sessions during a given time slot, active users, ability to track new users, and information on app crashes and new user acquisition analytics and much more.
  • Product Update Feature: Adding a new product/service into your product portfolio? The product update feature is going to help you update all the information related to any new item that you are offering with just a few taps of your fingers.
  • Description And Rating Ability: Describe the products that you are offering to your customers and keep them well informed and engaged. This feature may also allow easy rating of any product/service based on their popularity and the number of orders placed over a period of time.
  • Release Notifications Regarding Product Update: The admin should be allowed to release notifications regarding product/service availability, special offers, redeemable rewards and cashback points, discounts and exchange offers and much more.

Couldn’t find your favorite or desired feature on the list? Get in touch with Magikkart right away. We will create a list of unique features to go in your on-demand delivery app today.