12 Remarkable Ecommerce Apps Features Them Make It Highly Demanding

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Over 72% of smartphone users have already made an online purchase using only their smartphones during Covid 19 pandemic. What is even more interesting is that over 82% of shoppers are currently using mobile phones inside of a physical store to make a purchase and read product reviews. Now you know why everyone wants an ecommerce mobile app or platform to register their brand’s presence online. But what exactly is it that makes mCommerce and eCommerce platforms so much sought-after in 2021? Let’s discuss:

  • Customizable And Fully Flexible Shopping Cart
    Your customers want the ability to instantly select the products of their liking and make multiple purchases with just a few taps and clicks. They do not wish to leave the shopping page. The shopping cart should be able to beautifully integrate custom features and editable lists of their products for an instant shopping experience.
  • Useful And Feature-Rich Product Catalogue
    It is like creating a display or a showcase of your products. This is going to increase your app traffic regardless of what operating system and smartphone they are using. By creating a product catalogue, you will be engaging them with a huge ensemble of choices that they would love to browse through every time they open your app.
  • Search Filters
    What kind of an E-Commerce platform is complete without any search filters? Your customers have a very low threshold when it comes to finding what they are looking for. They want quick and easy search filters and even faster access to them.
  • Support For Multiple Payment Options
    You are going to be catering to a wide variety of consumers. They all will have different preferences with regards to how they want to make payments for their purchases. Your users should always have multiple payment options including cash on delivery, debit card, credit card, internet banking, PayPal accounts, digital wallets, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay (NFC) and any other authentic and secure way of payment that they prefer.
  • Push Notifications
    Do you know how effective customized push notifications can be? Any e-commerce mobile app is highly dependent on push notifications which are specifically designed to lure your customers to make a purchase. They are the perfect way to inform your customers of any new offers and generate more sales for your business. Push notification messages need to be enticing and interesting. At the same time, it should be easy to turn off and clear from the notifications panel.
  • Custom Branding
    Your mobile commerce app is the perfect place to display your custom branding logo. Whatever colors that you have chosen and regardless of the font that you want to display, this logo is going to remain the same for all your users across Android as well as iOS platforms.
  • Social Media Integration
    Social media has become one of the strongest and most effective marketing tools in the last 5 years or so. If you haven’t really integrated your mobile app / m-commerce platform with the leading social channels such as Facebook and Instagram, you are missing out on an abundance of opportunities. Social integration of your E-Commerce platform regardless of whether it is used on a desktop or on a mobile device is going to give you access to a wider market and will increase your brand’s visibility. Needless to mention, you can also share various discount codes and promotional campaigns on the leading social media channels, thereby boosting your sales up the roof.
  • Detailed Product Information
    Long and interesting product descriptions on a mobile app might not be very friendly with the small screen but they are definitely friendly to your users. Your customers need appropriate and enough information about the product beforehand so that they feel encouraged to make the purchase. This detailed information should also carry the product category and various terms and conditions related to any returns and exchanges henceforth. This is also going to reduce your potential returns which often lead to unhappy customers.
  • Ability To Manage Lists, Orders And Returns
    The biggest goal of your mobile app / e-commerce platform is to add convenience to the life of your users. By enabling them to edit their lists, reorder their previously ordered products and request returns and exchanges with only a few taps, you are not only giving them convenience but a way to save more time. Their shopping experience will become smoother and their loyalty towards you will increase by multiples. Remember, an e-commerce platform / mobile app that keeps the convenience of the users on the topmost slot is always going to win with them.
  • Loyalty Programs
    Referral points, coupon codes, promotional messages and several other special memberships and rewards are going to make your mobile app even more special to your users. It is a way to build long-lasting and strong customer relationships. If you haven’t already thought about incorporating a loyalty program in your eCommerce platform, it is time to do that now.
  • Professional Reports And Analytics
    You knew that your app was going to be a success. Your customers are returning to you frequently and your sales have already surpassed those of your competitors. But do you know which product you are able to sell the most? Do you know during what time frame your app has the most number of users? Probably not. This is where professional analytics comes into the scene. You will be able to learn how your customers are interacting with your app. Discover insights into your consumer behavior that will help you understand them better and come up with more engaging features that will further your sales.
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support
    You don’t want your shoppers to get frustrated with your application. You want them to be satisfied and happy when they place an order with you. To address their issues and understand their needs you should provide them an easy way to get connected with you.

Final Thoughts
Mobile devices are like a window to the world. They don’t just present options to shop but to change lives. Mobile applications and various E-Commerce platforms have shrunk down our world into the palm of our hands. This is what the entire world has come to, especially during and after the pandemic hit humanity. If you are not online, if you are not on a mobile app, you are nowhere. Find out with Magikkart several ways to make your online presence felt and registered. Connect with us to get the perfect m-commerce / E-Commerce app developed for your business today.